After graduating from the University of Georgia with a business degree, Jay Bowers skipped the corporate world to start a business - group fitness instructors delivered to sorority houses.  The business expanded across the country, but cost Jay his soul. He soon started chanting sorority incantations, wearing oversized tanks with neon letters, and adopting a valley girl accent.  In 2014 the identity crisis reached a breaking point, and he resigned from the business. He then fully devoted his efforts to bodybuilding, and became a large human being over the course of two years.  Training two hours per day, and gorging himself with food in the spare time that remained, his body eventually folded and he was bedridden from exhaustion. Unable to shake the exhaustion and get back in the gym, he picked up a guitar.  With the same intensity he now put in the reps on the guitar - playing five or more hours per day and writing songs constantly.  After a year he was performing for audiences and building a fan base in Athens, Georgia.  A year later he moved to Austin, Texas. 

Known for his humor and relatable stories, Jay Bowers writes songs about the modern experience.  With catchy hooks and clever lyrics, he tells us what it’s like to be “Back on Tinder,” how you can always count on your boys in “Bromance,”  and how the corporate world leaves you wishing you could “Sleep All Day” instead of punching the proverbial clock. 

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